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Med-Tech Revolution


Real Organ Generation

A proprietary software platform and 3D-printed models for surgical simulation and medical training.

Key Features of ROG

The ROG platform, built on the MED3D VR LAB software (registered with SIAE), combines and integrates cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, 3D printing, Virtual Reality, and Blockchain.


The ROG platform allows up to 4 users to be online simultaneously in the same Virtual Room, performing virtual surgical simulations using ultra-detailed 3D models of human organs from real patients, starting from the patient’s CT scans, with a particular focus on the heart.

Specifically, the ROG platform can digitize the diseased organ through a patented method of generating 3D images of pathological tissues from CT scans.


Regarding the hardware component of the ROG project, a second patent covers the 3D printing of organ mockups using an eco-friendly, partially organic resin.

This allows for the precise reproduction of human organs, including arteries and blood vessels. The use of a resin-based biocomposite enables the creation of semi-flexible medical mockups that accurately mimic the behavior of heart tissue during blood pumping. Additionally, these 3D models are durable and resistant, allowing for realistic and repeated surgical simulations without compromising their integrity.


ROG features a semi-automatic pathology tagging system that identifies pathological areas of the examined organ. This AI module is based on a convolutional neural network (ConvNet) and is crucial for Machine Learning and Deep Learning processes.

Using AI technology, it is possible to accurately locate pathological portions of the organ, allowing doctors and surgeons to avoid the complex manual tagging currently required.


The ROG platform integrates a Blockchain module to ensure the security of patient data. This Blockchain-based database system allows for the secure and immutable storage of medical images and specific patient case information.

By utilizing Blockchain technology, ROG provides advanced data security, enhancing the safety and privacy of sensitive medical information. This approach ensures that data is protected against alterations and unauthorized access, maintaining its integrity and confidentiality.

The international network of ROG

To forge strategic partnerships, expand ROG’s market opportunities, and consolidate its presence beyond national borders, the project team participates annually in industry trade fairs. These events aim to showcase ROG’s potential to a wide and diverse audience of innovation leaders in Medical Technology and Life Sciences.

Additionally, the internationalization of ROG includes trade missions undertaken by the team to explore new opportunities for technology transfer with universities, hospitals, and local stakeholders active in the Healthcare sector.


institutions reached including universities, hospitals, and research centers

To promote large-scale innovation and the adoption of the ROG platform by target end-users, we continue to nurture and progressively consolidate long-term relationships with universities, research centers, and hospitals. These include the University of Italian Switzerland, the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, the University of Milan – Bicocca, the University of Pavia, the CNR, the Monza Polyclinic, the Mondino Foundation, the Nostra Famiglia Association, and the Italian Auxological Institute.


Users of ROG

The end-users of the ROG platform are divided into two main strategic groups: hospitals and IRCCS on one side, and universities and medical training schools on the other.

The ROG project aims not only to improve the efficiency and precision of medical and surgical practices but also to provide a supportive tool for medical training. Healthcare professionals and aspiring surgeons can practice surgical procedures in a highly realistic environment, enhancing their practical skills without the risks associated with real patient interventions.

Overcoming the limitations of current medical simulation solutions

The idea to develop the ROG software stems from the clear need to address and overcome the limitations of current medical simulation solutions, which often prove to be outdated and inadequate for accurately representing the complexity of modern surgical procedures.


Without clear evidence illustrating the severity of their clinical conditions, patients often do not fully understand the necessity of the proposed surgical interventions.


ROG offers an innovative solution for the medical-scientific community by providing end-users with a software platform that processes highly detailed 3D models of human organs, unmatched by competitors. This precision not only allows for more accurate visualization of the organ but also enhances the patient’s understanding and awareness of their pathology.


Each year, thousands of preventable surgical errors occur worldwide, often due to the lack of advanced tools for surgical simulation and planning.


ROG can host up to four users in real-time within interactive virtual environments, facilitating discussion and idea exchange among specialists. This allows them to plan and practice interventions in a controlled and risk-free setting, significantly reducing the likelihood of errors during actual procedures.


In the medical field, there is a growing need for 3D printing solutions and “virtual” environments for academia, hospitals, and the medical device sector.


Through Virtual Reality, ROG offers significant benefits in medical training and education. Healthcare professionals and aspiring surgeons can experience surgical procedures in a highly realistic setting, improving their practical skills without the risks associated with real patient interventions.

Assets and patents


Registration number: 102020000029297
Filing date: 01/12/2020
Grant date: 15/12/2022

Registration number: 102020000031988
Filing date: 22/12/2020
Grant date: 27/01/2023

Registered assets

Software MED3D VR LAB
SIAE Registration number:

28-11-2017 / 012023
Publication date: 20/11/2017
Registration date: 28/11/2017

MED3D Trademark
EUIPO Registration number: 017841487
Registration date: 20/02/2018

ROG Trademark
EUIPO Registration number: 018903482
Registration date: 08/12/2023

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The ROG project has been developed by a partnership of companies, consisting of innovative startups and international SMEs.

The ROG project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement n. 889729